Our Weekend Hiking Crew

The last few weeks have brought many events into my life all pointing me in very different directions. I spent last weekend in Seattle visiting family and experiencing a little of Downtown’s nightlife; I’m not sure if I’m totally cut out for that one. I also managed to get out a hike with a group of people from my uncle’s condo and spend a good amount of time with my grandma. Each different outing seemed to bring new enlightenment with it:

1. Seeing my grandma makes me want to spend more time with her. She’s just adorable and getting older fast. She’s awful lonely as well in a way that is difficult to remedy. I remember being lonely like that in Moscow my last semester and what I needed was a constant companion; that happened to be Tally in Hawaii. Thank you Tally, you and the sunshine healed my soul. My grandma isn’t exactly ready for tropical islands and sexy men on motorcycles but I could definitely be there for her. She’s thinking of moving to Arizona to be in warmer more comfortable weather but there’s still the possibility that if I was around she wouldn’t have to move as soon; maybe then I could ride her around on a motorcycle.

2. My degree is pretty useless in Juneau for what I want to do. Here is where I want to be, however, I’m not qualified to make enough money to exist doing what I’m doing now. My options are as follows: 1) stay with the brewery folding t-shirts in hopes for a spot in the lab to open up where I’m still not gaining any credibility as a microbiologist but really enjoying my family of coworkers and investing in some job history at a business where I respect and enjoy who I’m working for in an incredible level 2) hope that NOAA will give me some contract work which will at least be education, a good resume builder, and probably a bit of fun while I figure out what my next best step is 3) try for Analytica (water sampling is not sounding appealing at all however) 5) hope for SEARHC to be desperate enough to hire me without certification 4) Go back to school to get MT/MLT certified.

With all of those options though, no one has yet offered me a job. A lot if happening but nothing’s going on.

UW is expensive but I could probably do the lab certification program while living with family and taking care of Grandma.

3) I do not want to be a brewer. I shadowed on the brew deck and I know I’m capable of much more.

4) My parents are quite possibly very very ready for me to be out of their house; I’m getting there. The comfort of living at home, a full fridge and no rent is pretty fan-freakin-tastic and I’m reluctant to give it up but they’re still ready for me to go. My mom said so.

5) And my final realization is that if I don’t make a move for something soon I will be wasting my degree and the glorious time of my 20’s. I can’t stay here forever being indecisive and overwhelmed with possibilities; I need to choose a plan of action and go with it so I have that experience. It might be moving to Seattle, it might be moving out and staying in Juneau, or it might be something incredible happens next week and I’m offered a job somewhere with a decent paycheck and some benefits. I’m not excited about the thought of leaving Juneau again so soon… I feel flaky doing it. I’m also not excited to spend all of my money again on school and then restart my career search (job searching sucks, did anyone tell you that?) which is a heavy thought.

So that wasn’t all that much but I stand by my statement still: a lot is happening and nothing’s going on.

There you have it.

Maybe I’ll make some cookies.

a little honey bee