It feels good to be home.

I enjoy a little wine, a yummy dinner, and a movie on my own at home right now much more than a wild night out on the town.

I feel guilty always for not staying in touch and spending more time with the good friend I do have that truly care about me and I truly care about them.

I love the rainy nights.

My mom is my best friend.

I don’t like me sometimes.

I’m going to write and publish my own cookbook someday soon. I’ve always wanted to and it’s something I really love to learn about and share with others.

I love ice cream. Just vanilla will do.

I love feeling at home with friends you’re meant to know and know well.

Cookies are a completely acceptable breakfast.

I want to fall in love. when it’s real you know.

I want to travel.

My life is long, and this is only the beginning.

Best wishes to all who are reading.